The Ladies Fellowship

The Ladies Fellowship Meet every Tuesday from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.The Ladies vary in age from 58 to 93 and on a good day we can have as many as 18 attending. Plenty of chatter afterwards over a cup of tea and biscuits. The meeting is open to all and we have one gentleman who attends.

Our speakers come from various backgrounds but all love the Lord. It is a privilege to hear the word from so many devoted Christians. We are bible led and have some afternoons when everyone participates in many different ways and receive God’s blessing. We also hold a quiz once a year and have DVD presentations.

There have been visits from Tear Fund, the Gideon’s, Glory Road Ministries, Mission Aviation, Leprosy Mission and Gloucester City Mission. All have received support financially from our Ladies fund.

A few ladies get together before the meeting specifically for prayer: ie: for our meeting, those in our fellowship who need God’s touch, our Community, our City, our Country and our World.

There are two outings, one in June and the other in the autumn and these provide our opportunities for outreach. Invitations are sent to the other local churches and friends and relatives husbands also join us on these trips. One of the main objectives is to show our friends and relatives that the ladies fellowship has a fun side as well as a scriptural one and Christianity can be fun.

Our Aims;

  • To Worship
  • To Learn
  • To Study
  • To Share fellowship
  • To Give thanks

All are very welcome to our meetings and if we can help others to find the Lord then this is an added bonus. Ladies from several Church fellowships attend the meeting and experience a weekly blessing from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you would like any more information please contact The Ladies Fellowship here